Positive Things Happening Around the World Despite COVID-19

Jada Sisneros

Although the Coronavirus pandemic is devastating so many around the world, and even people close to us, here are some positive things that are happening around the world right now.

  1. Pollution is going down

As a result of quarantining in many parts of the word, the air pollution is decreasing. Human activity is the biggest contributor to the poor air quality, and all the problems that comes with. With businesses, factories, and transportation slowly coming to a halt the air is getting better and better. Not only has the day to day footprint improved, the burning of fossil fuels has dropped. This is going to bring a drastic change, that will be “felt worldwide” according to the Centre for International Climate Research in Oslo.

     2. Climate benefits

Not only is there cleaner air, Venice, Italy is also seeing clearer water. The famous canals in Italy are now clearer than ever. For the first time you can see the fish and the ecosystems healthily coming back.

     3. Animals are being let out of cages

Many zoos and wildlife enclosures around the world are letting the animals roam free. Since places like this are closed for lock-downs this is a great time to let the animals finally get out of their confined spaces, and live free for a while.

     4. New appreciation for life

COVID-19 is devastating everyone around the world, and although it seems like there is nothing we can do, what we can do is focus on the things that are in our control that we take for granted. Even though this is such a hard thing to deal with, it also serves as something to learn from. This has shown everyone to not take your health for granted, to appreciate your family, and even how to be less wasteful. It has brought the world together, and shows that we’re all human and we all care about one another. Stars like Stephen Curry, Kylie Jenner, Jeff Bezos, and countless more have donated millions to Corona Virus relief funds.