Curfew Thoughts

Sammy Duarte, Reporter

                    A curfew has been implemented in many counties throughout Colorado. I conducted an interview asking people what they thought about the curfew. I asked them the following questions,  “Why do you hate the curfew? What do you like about it, if you like anything at all? How is it affecting you? Why do you feel this way about it?” This is the answers I received:

                    The first person I interviewed was Rebecca Lujan, a Junior at East High School. She stated the following, “The thing I hate about it is that it’s so early, I wish they could have moved it to 11 or 11:30. What I like about it is that it keeps me from being out so I guess that is a benefit so people aren’t out because of the pandemic. I don’t really think it’s affected me honestly just like I said I can’t be out as late. The reason I feel like this is because it can be good and/or benefits us and I feel like it stops people from being out and partying. I just don’t like that it’s so early.”    My next interview was with Erika Cordova, Sophomore at East High School, her answer was short but to the point. She told me, “I think the curfew is a good way to keep everyone safe. It sucks sometimes because you can’t hang out with your friends or family but at the end of the day it keeps them all safe so there will be another time to see them.”

                    When I first found out that we were going to have a curfew I was kind of upset. Then I thought, “Honestly we need this. People are staying out too late and partying, giving tons of people the opportunity to get infected, so this is good for right now.” I really hate this pandemic and I bet you do too. So please wear your mask everyday whenever you go out and stay safe.