Eagles Fundraising Nixed by COVID

Alyssa Franklin, Reporter

It’s no surprise that COVID has affected many things, but a big one for sports and clubs is fundraising. The fundraising sports and clubs do have to be COVID friendly, and it is almost impossible to follow all guidelines based on the fundraising they are allowed to do. So if they cannot fundraise for the sport or club, parents have to pay out of their own pocket for everything. Which is hard for most parents when they have such little time to gather money or just cannot afford it. Fundraising can go towards many things such as uniforms, buses, announcers, and other little things. Without fundraising, sports are going to have trouble doing the necessary things. Different sports do different fundraisers like cheer and dance will do a car wash and decorate car windows for the Cannon game. Football and baseball will sell gold cards, and basketball and wrestling will put on tournaments. Clubs such as DECA cannot have a school store, or their annual fashion show. 

Dance Team Car Wash Fundraiser