My Quarantine Experience


My quarantine during Covid-19 was interesting but definitely not fun. Being locked in my room for 2 weeks was not enjoyable for me.

It all started off when one morning I woke up with the obvious symptoms of COVID. I had a sore throat, a headache and a fever, and from there it only got worse. The next day I immediately got tested and started my quarantine process, hoping that I would test negative. During those 5 days while I waited for my results were the worst for me as I gradually got sicker by the day. It was harder for me to get out of bed every morning. I eventually lost my taste and my smell after a couple of days of being sick. I obviously could not eat with my family so eventually my mom started to bring me my meals on trays so that I could eat in my room.

When my results came back I had already determined in my head I was going to test positive, so I wasn’t surprised when I did. By the time my results came back I only had like 1 more week of quarantine. I spent the whole time playing video games and sleeping. I couldn’t see my friends or family nor could I go to work. I eventually started to get better day by day. When I was locked in my room I was so eager to get out but now that I look back on it, video games and sleeping all day wasn’t too bad.