Lockdown Affect on Students!

All students nationwide are having trouble focusing on school work, because they are not in regular school with their physical teachers to actually have a real conversation and not one that can easily be misunderstood over screen. Most of the schools are empty in a lot of the states in the United States and other countries as well, but it is definitely much worse in other countries. 

Before COVID-19 happened the students were doing really well in physical school and they could talk to their teacher and friends without the six feet apart social distancing. Before the lockdown happened in the United States the students could study in the library, be able to go to the park and be free without being told what to do. The students could focus better in physical school because they could turn in their school work.

After the lockdown happened a lot of students are not focusing on their school work because to them it is boring and more difficult. They like to be in the physical school because they get to see their friends and actually talk with their teachers. Even though students and teachers need to be six feet apart the private conversations are no longer private. The teachers missed their students in the schools and their students missed them as well.

After COVID-19 happened the students have to be six feet apart from everyone in the schools. The students can’t turn in their school work over the computer. The students can’t go to the library without an appointment. Let us try and prevent this and listen to the warnings and guidelines!