Differences For the Holiday Season

A safe turkey Thanksgiving

MD Anderson

A safe turkey Thanksgiving

Ruben Roybal, Reporter

I think we can all agree that Thanksgiving was a little different this year with Covid-19,  such as having rules with no more than ten people in a household. Plus it was recommended to maintain social distance within the house. A great area to maintain social distance and celebrate Thanksgiving would be outside. Thanksgiving was tough due to family out of town not being able to come from all over the country. 

Christmas is also going to be tough as well with Covid getting worse this time of year. Plus with a statewide curfew families wouldn’t be able to stay and hang out all night as they would years earlier. Covid has been tough on all of us in all sorts of ways, but we can all get through this together. In the future; hopefully, we will have a vaccine and live our lives in peace.