Are You Sick of Online Learning or Do You Love It?

There’s no arguing that online learning has made some students lazy, unproductive, and unfocused as ever, but that is not the case for every student. This tends to affect primary and middle school students the most, many high school students are being jeopardized of their education as well and that does not get talked about as much. With that being said, how does online learning really affect our learning?


    Student doing online schooling.“Setting up online schools wouldn’t be easy and, according to research, moving from the actual classroom to a virtual classroom can hurt student performance. The report also shows that, on average, 50.1% of virtual high school students graduate within four years, compared with 84% of high school students nationally,” says

Thus meaning more people are most likely not to graduate from high school if they are online learning, instead of in-person learning. This has really affected us last year, and this year as well. Students do not have the same work ethic as if they were in person learning, and this has affected student performance.

Although the majority of students can agree that online learning is more difficult than being in person, there is a minority of students who do not agree. Many students can argue that online learning has made life easier and has made for more access to things at home we would not have at school. Students also feel as if it is less stressful as you don’t have to worry about all the stuff that goes into going out in public. Overall, online learning isn’t good or bad, it just depends on how each student learns and how teachers teach.