The Year Covid Stole Our “Senior Year”

The Year Covid Stole Our Senior Year

Alyssa Franklin, Reporter

There is no doubt that this year has been tough for everyone, but more so for our seniors. Their whole “senior experience” has been taken away from them. Sadly they did not get to experience the traditional things seniors get, such as Passing of the Torch, first day of senior year, the Cannon Game, the experience of their senior year of sports, among so many other things. Being positive can be a challenge, but they keep pushing through despite all challenges they have faced. Every senior has had a different experience for this year, a couple of seniors gave their insight on their experiences. 

Erika Jinez:

“Everyone dreams about the perfect senior year, but unfortunately for us, the perfect senior year didn’t exist. It has definitely been hard not getting the full experience and also not being able to see new faces at school everyday. Despite all the bad things, I am grateful to still be able to play basketball one last year. It will definitely be different due to the limit of fans, masks, and a shorter game schedule. All I can say is never take your first years for granted. You never know what the world will be like in the future. If I could go back and do it all over, I would.”

Erika Jinez

Diego Duarte:

“Crazy to think that just last spring break we were going to get an extra week off for spring break. Now we are here facing reality, knowing well that nothing is right and we didn’t even have a chance to receive the opportunities most did as seniors. People forget to appreciate what things were given to us. Like a school that allowed us to focus on our education. I feel teachers got the worst of it, yeah they had time to prepare, but going from school to online is like a monkey going from being a monkey to blinking and being a man in an office. Just like that things are pressured and rushed and things are done wrong. I love my teachers for all the work they are doing though. As for sports it isn’t the same sport. It was something you controlled and you got to be free with. Now with guidelines and restrictions it’s just like having a bird fly, yet the bird is actually a chicken.” 

Diego Duarte

Giana Valdez:

“This senior year is definitely not what I expected we would go through when I started high school four years ago. Even though one of the most important years of high school got ripped away from not only myself but my peers as well, I’ve managed to accept it and try to see the positive things from it. This has given me the chance to see the struggles I will endure in the future and living through the pandemic has been an experience to help me see that I can get through anything.

This has given me the chance to see the struggles I will endure in the future and living through the pandemic has been an experience to help me see that I can get through anything.”

— Giana Valdez

Giana Valdez

Demi Lane:

“My senior year has definitely been full of a lot of let downs. It’s been heartbreaking watching moments I’ve looked forward to and worked hard for, particularly for the dance team, getting taken away. It’s been hard not going to school and seeing friends I’ve had since first grade, and not being with them for our last year before we go our separate ways. I’m looking forward to the little moments we get as the year goes on, and take what I can get.”

Demi Lane