2020 Inauguration

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have finally begun their duties as President and Vice President of the United States. President Biden wasted no time and got right to work when he began to sign over a dozen executive orders just hours after the ceremony. Some of these executive orders include extending the pause of student loans until September and extended protections against evictions because of the struggling effects of the economy because of COVID-19.

As of immigration one of his first actions was to safeguard the DACA program for undocumented immigrants which was heavily contested by the Trump administration. He is also in the talks of offering a path to citizenship for Dreamers. As for the Travel Ban Trump had put in place, Biden plans on ending that and going to start taking VISA applications from over a dozen countries such as Syria, Iran, and Iraq.

Finally, as of climate change the President signed an order to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement which will take up to 30 days to go into effect. He is also putting a stop to the Keystone Pipeline construction by revoking permits given by the Trump Administration.