A Resolution for the Future


Collin Fraser, Reporter

We’ve all made New Year’s Resolutions before, but we seldom commit to them. The question that has hardly been asked is why? 

Why do we make these promises to ourselves every time the first of the year rolls around just to throw them to the wayside? 

People make them out of obligation, they’re expected to make them by friends and family, which undermines the whole point.

Most people answer the question with vague goals like exercising more or being a better person, things that usually cannot be measured. 

If people were making serious goals with the intent to improve their lives, then they would make the goals achievable in some way. Giving a metric to measure improvement or tracking progress would be ways to measure such things.

I have interviewed 15 people from the Pueblo area in order to hear what kind of resolutions they made and if they’ve kept them at all. 

The answer from most is some form of general act like being a “better person” or eating healthier, but out of those I interviewed, only 3 have committed until now with them. 

The general consensus I have found was that most make a resolution just for the sake of it, so they won’t be judged if they don’t have one by friends and family.

According to an anonymous student, “We shouldn’t make goals for the sake of making goals, that’s just strange. The date on the calendar doesn’t matter if you just want to make yourself better.” 

For these reasons and more, I think we should leave this odd practice behind. 

People shouldn’t be waiting for a certain date to start acting better when they can start right now instead. 

Not only all this, but most don’t even keep their goals for a day, seldomly a year. 

Another student stated “I kinda want to keep mine, but in all honesty I can’t be bothered to, got enough on my plate already with school and all.” 

Resolutions aren’t worth the hassle of making and forgetting, so that means people should make more meaningful goals and then keep them through to the end.

If anything at all is to be taken away from this, the best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago, but the second best time is now. 

Don’t put things off just to end up forgetting them, start when you have the chance.