NFL Playoffs 2021

Sammy Duarte

Entering the 2020-2021 NFL playoffs first stage was exciting! The “Wild Card” round is always a fun thing to watch. But personally I love to watch the pro-bowl games. Coming out of the wild card round, the Bills beating the Colts B27-24, Rams vs. Seahawks R30-20, the Buccaneers vs. Washington B31-23, Ravens vs. Titans R20-13, Saints vs. Bears S21-9, Browns vs. Steelers B48-37. 

Now entering the divisional round we have the Packers beating the Rams P32-18, Bills vs. Ravens B17-3, Chiefs vs. Browns C22-17, Buccaneers vs. Saints B30-20. 

The NFC and AFC Championships of 2020 was a good one, even though both of the teams I wanted to win sadly lost. The NFC Championship ended with the Packers vs. Buccaneers B31-26. The AFC Championship was final with the Chiefs beating the Bills C38-24. We have the chance to see two quarterbacks who have the potential to be the greatest QB of all time. With Mahomes going for back to back Super Bowl wins and it only being his third year in the NFL. Brady going to his tenth Super Bowl and going for his seventh win, this possibly could be his last year in the NFL.