Upcoming Movies for 2021

Jeremiah Naranjo, Reporter

There are so many good movies coming out in 2021 and there are some movies that are recommended that you watch or should at least view the trailer.

One year into a new decade, the movie prospects keep getting better. The releases slated for 2021 are so exciting they will make you salivate with anticipation and we can’t wait to see them. For starters we’ll be getting another Asian blockbuster in director Destin Daniel Crettons Marvel entry, Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings. Then the family will be back for another action packed installment of the Fast And the Furious Franchise. Not to mention, the Rock’s much delayed Black Adam adaptation will finally zoom into theaters. We will also finally get the next chapter of the Avatar story from James Cameron after over a decade of patience. Lastly, Warner Bros. has announced that, following the release of Wonder Woman 1984 in December of 2020, they will release their entire slate of 2021 movies on HBO Max as well as in theaters in an unprecedented move that could signal bigger changes in the industry. The list is long and it will probably get longer so start marking your calendars now.

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