If You Could Switch Into Any Animal, What Would It Be and Why?

Morgan Root

If Sam could switch into an animal it would be a bear because they’re eight feet tall and they can eat a lot and sleep whenever they want.

Jeanine would be a killer whale because they can be free and go wherever they want to and they can stick with their families for the rest of their life since they don’t grow up like humans.

Ms. Smith would want to be a lion because she would want to be in charge of everything and everyone.

Mickey would want to be a dog because they get all the love and affection and they have a lot of toys to be with and they will most likely never be alone at home. Or if they have another animal they will always have a friend with them.

Steven would want to be a monkey because they can swing all over and jump around like crazy and eat bananas.

Atencio would be a lion because every animal and person would know not to mess with him.

Mason would want to be a bird because some can run, swim, and dive.

Molly would want to be a golden doodle because their personality is very sweet and they are a family dog.

Tanner would want to be a flying squirrel because they have fun personalities and they’re entertaining to watch.

I would want to be a kitten because they can sleep and eat whenever they want, also they never get bored because they get entertained by every little thing very easily.