Minimum Wage Pay is Going Up

Tiffany Kodrich, Reporter

With inflation, job pay also has to increase, causing more inflation. Minimum wage workers are demanding that pay be raised up to at least $15 an hour federally. As this is good for teenagers and we would be receiving more money, we would probably end up paying a higher percentage of our paychecks to taxes. Minimum wage is set differently in different states to match the cost of living, so why raise the minimum wage in places where the cost of living is low and make that cost increase? 

Many think it should go up in places that it needs to, but stay the same in the places that don’t need to change. Changing this would only cause negative effects on the economy. People are also complaining that jobs that are very important to our society will not be occupied because you can get the same amount of pay for doing something much easier. Either way, pay will be raised regardless causing those jobs pay to go up as well. This would help the economy, but also hurt it significantly. Also, if the minimum wage increases too much, unemployment numbers will go up causing overall fundamental society disaster.