eSports on the Rise

Sammy Duarte

          eSports is a CHSAA sanctioned sport that you can get scholarships for and an athletic letter. This is all possible by playing video games. The things that most parents hate and say rot our brains, can be beneficial in different ways. It can be a coping mechanism, a way to escape, even a way to sharpen our reflexes, stress relief, development of problem solving skills, and healthy brain stimulation. 

          The majority of players of this sport are males, which have the higher percentage of video game purchases. The games that are played in this sport are sports games; Madden, NBA 2k, FIFA, and Forza. Also weapon based games like one of my personal favorites Call of Duty and one of my least favorites Fortnite. I’ve been told that there are more games going to be introduced in the future.

          This can be a great way for kids to socialize and get out of their shell due to the current state of the world and this pandemic. eSports is a really fun team to join and honestly after doing my research I am thinking about joining next year.