Curse in the Himalayan Mountains

Michael Casillas, Reporter

Information on the Crash

A recent crash in Nepal on a Sunday morning, killed all 72 people on board, including four crew members.  Only one body was recovered from the crash. A video was sent out on Facebook, released in the last seconds of hope, from one the passengers on the Airline plane 691 heading to a getaway in the Himalayas.

Deadliest crash 

The Himalayan Mountains are the deadliest mountains in the world because there have been 19 plane crashes in the last 10 years but in the most recent crashes on February 15, 2023 was the most casualties in all 19 crashes. 

Information on Airline

The fatal crash in Nepal killed all passengers, plus the co-pilot named Anju Khatiwada, who also lost her husband 16 years earlier on the same route in the Himalayan Mountains.

Many questions remain, especially as to why so many crashes keep occurring on the same route through the Himalayan Mountains.