Notorious Drug Lord’s Son Arrested

Robyn Romero, Reporter

A picture captured at the scene of the arrest. (Photo Courtesy of NotimexTV)

Ovidio Guzman-Lopez, locked up after getting accused of running the drug cartel his father (El Chapo) previously ran.

The authorities arrested him January 5th, 2023 in Sinaloa. He was sent to the Mexican prison that his father previously escaped.   

During the arrest, about 29 people were killed. Gang members were furious and set fire to vehicles and attacked planes that were still at the airport. There were more than 100 flights canceled because of this. Guzman-Lopez was taken by helicopter and taken to the capital before going to the prison. The U.S. put a reward out for $5 million for information on the arrest and for information on the three brothers who are still in operation. 

Two of the Mexican aircrafts were forced to an emergency landing after getting hit by cartel gunfire. There were helicopters who were deployed and supported on ground activity. 1,000 more troops were sent to Sinaloa to help with security. 

Visitors were told to stop their bus on their way home through Sinaloga because they were “at risk.” The driver was informed they needed to “stop and hide.” Their bus was parked on the main street in Caborca for 16 hours before they were allowed to go though.

Aeromexico is one of the airlines who was hit by gunfire as they prepared to take-off. Nobody in the plane was harmed, but there was a lot of worry and fear as they threw themselves on the floor.