All State Choir

Jayme Trujillo, Reporter

Dio performing on stage for East High School and at the Holiday Choir Concert. (Photo Courtesy of Pueblo School District 60.)

All State Choir is an elite honor choir that consists of three choirs. A mixed choir, a treble choir, and a tenor/bass choir. These three choirs are comprised of some of the best singers coming from all areas of the state of Colorado. In order to become a part of the All State Choir, you need to go through an audition which is judged in four categories: prepared solo (50 points), sense of tonality (10 points), intervals (10 points), and sight reading (30 points). 

This year, four students from East High School under the direction of East’s Choir director, Andrew Watson, went through this audition process. However, even with the immense amount of talent that these four students possess, only one student made it in. This student is Dionisio Taitano-Samora, who is a part of East High’s Tone Troopers and Les Jongleurs. 

Dionisio (Dio), grade 12, is a very dedicated and talented musician. In order to audition for All State Choir, he and the others that auditioned practiced for months for their auditions. They each had to have a prepared solo piece of music that they practiced with an accompanist until they were nearly perfect.

Along with the prepared solo, two other parts of their audition, maybe the most challenging parts, were the intervals and sight reading. For the intervals section of the audition they were asked to sing note intervals from memory. In the sight reading portion, they were given a piece of music that they had never seen before and they had to sing it. These are very difficult because they require the people auditioning to be able to memorize what the distance between the notes sounds like.

Congratulations to Dio and the rest of the hardworking singers!