The East Side Spirit Lives On!


East High School (Photo Courtesy of The Pueblo Chieftain)

Jeremiah Ramsey

After last year’s scare that Pueblo East High School was going to be shut down, the East side community has cause to celebrate. After the 4A Bond passed on November 5th the “expiration date” that was placed on the current building that was set for 2023 is no longer a concern. The new Pueblo East High School will be built somewhere on the current East High School land. The 218 million dollar bond will be used to build two new schools for East and Centennial, and will also be used to make improvements and fixes to various other schools in Pueblo. There was a total of 26,015 votes with 14,804 in favor of the extra taxes for the schools. The other 11,211 votes were against additional taxes going toward the schools.┬áThe features of the new high schools will include a 50 year or longer life span, safety and security that will be a top priority, and many other important things that the school will need to function properly. The estimated tax impact for 4A would be about $6.34 per month per $100,000 of a home’s actual value and $9.51 per month per $150,000 of a home’s actual value. For commercial property it would be $25.54 per month for an $100,000 asserted value. This will be a slight increase from the old tax, but not a dramatic change and should not be very noticeable in your budgets and it all goes to a good cause! So let’s celebrate that 4A passed and Pueblo East High School will be around for many years to come.