The Journey

Daniel Serna


David Perez Rubio is a 17-year-old from a small town in Spain named Tudela. David traveled to Colorado in hopes of being able to graduate and pursue his dream of one day becoming a professional soccer player.


David’s journey to America started on an 11 hour flight from Madrid to Denver. There he was greeted by his host family. One of David’s favorite things about America so far is his host family, “My host dad is always funny, my host brother is more than a brother to me, and my host mom is the best, she makes really good food too.” When asked what his favorite American food was so far, he replied with, “Mac and cheese, I love mac and cheese. I also really like barbecue sauce.”

David comes from a region in Spain called Navarra where violence is not really a problem. “I hate the violence here, I don’t like how everyone here has guns,” was David’s reply when asked about his least favorite thing about America. David was born and raised in Tudela. He has lived there his entire life, so being away from home this long has been tough. When asked what he misses most about Spain, he replied, “Honestly I really miss my family, but not too much because everyone takes care of me like I am at home. I also really miss the food and playing soccer over there.”

After graduating, David hopes and dreams to continue becoming a professional soccer player. He hopes to get a scholarship for soccer to attend school and stay in America.