Who’s the Flyest Guy?


2019 Fly Guy participants from left to right: Jacob Lujan, Brenden Harding, Jeremiah Ramsey, Anthony Flores, Jabey Klausing, Buddy Almintakh, Francisco Lantis, Diego Duarte,  Judah Poorman, Carlos Trujillo.

Jada Sisneros and Alyssa Franklin

On November 6th the third annual Fly Guy was one for the books. This year it included both juniors and seniors. With three categories including casual wear, talent, and date night. Improvements based off of last year’s pageant included the judging. Prior to last year the judges ranged from teachers, freshmen and sophomores. So the judging was not biased based off of the grade levels. 

Hosts: Aaden Valdez, Hannah Saylor.  Commentators: Jason Griego, Nico Cristelli.

The competition started as the hosts welcomed everyone, then the contestants came out in their casual wear. From the beginning it was clear that the crowd was rooting for Judah. Furthermore, the next category had numerous unique talents. Ranging from Jabey’s dad jokes, Anthony’s and Jeremiah’s dancing, to Buddy’s and Diego’s can crushing, even a thumb war between Francisco and host Aaden. The crowd was very entertained by the acts the contestants performed. Throughout the competition the commentators included the audiences opinions, keeping everyone engaged. Finally, the competition came to a close with the date night category. Two questions were drawn from a bucket, making them random for each contestant. With one consistent question, “Does being handsome get you far in life?” This gave a chance for the judges and the crowd to recognize each contestant’s personality. 

As the pageant came to a close, the judges took a minute to deliberate the scores. During this time the crowd anxiously waited to hear who their 2019 Fly Guy would be. As the scores were being delivered to the hosts, the contestants walked across the stage waiting to be crowned. 

The scores were in; 3rd place was Diego Duarte, in 2nd was Carlos Trujillo, and crowned the 2019 Fly Guy was Judah Poorman. 

2019 Fly Guy Judah Poorman