Girls Swim Crew is Back


East vs. Centennial 2019 (Photo Courtesy of Carol Larson)

Jade Chong

East vs. Centennial 2019 (Photo Courtesy of Carol Larson)

The East High swim girls are ready to dive into a new season. The swimmers are eager to cut time and even though some consider swimming to be a personal sport, the girls are excited for the season to come and all the wins coming their way. They are determined and already on their way to success, they are currently in pre-season working hard to build endurance and stamina.

When asked who their biggest competition was the answers might flabbergast you. “For me my biggest competition while swimming was always myself. I always pushed and pushed to better myself and cut time. I think although I always was physically swimming against someone, to me it was always more important to beat myself then beat the other girls in the water around me,” Aja Jaquez a senior who has been on the girls swim team for 4 years. She was part the diving portion of the team while also swimming, which is extremely difficult to do both. Jaquez knows that East’s swim team has an advantage, “One advantage I think East has against the other schools is that I think the team is always really close and supportive of each other. I think other teams are bigger, so I think sometimes it harder for them to have a dynamic like East.”

Emilee Chavez, a senior who has participated in swim for two years believes that the girls bond on the team is tight, “I’m excited to see all the new girls come out and watch them grow, I’m excited for our family to grow.” The girls swim team is ready to thrive this year, so get your caps on and let’s get ready to dive into this incredible swim season!