We’re Going on a Trip in our Favorite Rocket Ship Zooming Through the Sky, Show Some Eagle Pride

Jade Chong

The East Eagles in Astronomy took a trip and visited Centennial High School’s Planetarium on December 9th.  This trip was very educational due to the fact that the students had to watch a video about space, stars, comets, and planets, how they function, etc. When asking the question, What was the most exciting part of the trip? Alyssa Franklin, a junior answered with, “The roller coaster portion at the end of the video was very fun and I enjoyed it.” Another interesting thing was to see what people learned from this trip. “ I learned about the Oort cloud and how it is an icy shell that could possibly exist in the outermost existence of the planet and the solar systems,” stated Alyssa Franklin. Astronomy is an interesting course because there is still so much about space that is undiscovered and unknown. I was curious why Eagles took interest in this class which leads to the next question, Why did you take Astronomy? “The reason I took this class was because I wanted to further my learning with outer space, and learn about possibly living on other planets, and of course aliens,” said junior Jeremiah Ramsey. Although this trip was uneventful and Eagles had fun, I wanted to know the least exciting parts of this trip. What was the least fun thing to do during the trip? “The separations of classes and from my friends,” was the overall response. One thing for sure is that everyone learned one thing from that trip, from Oort clouds, to planets and how scientists used to believe life could have existed on there, or maybe how comets may be debris from a rock planet that could have exploded. I wanted to know what people had learned from this trip, so I asked the question what was one thing you discovered on the trip that had you shook? The response was,“ I discovered Uranus has such thick clouds that if you were standing on the planet you wouldn’t be able to see the stars.”  The field trip was fun, eventful and overall very educational.