How Are The Eagles Spending Their Time Away From School?

How Are The Eagles Spending Their Time Away From School?

Jeremiah Ramsey

As the final week of the semester is going on I thought it would be fun to see what people plan to do over the break and what they would want for Christmas.

Starting off with freshman Amanda Reyes she said “I plan to catch up on sleep over the break and go to my volleyball practices as well.” I do not think any of us can argue with catching up on sleep after this stressful week of finals and the cold. When I asked her what she wanted for this Christmas she said, “I would love to get a turtle and name him Sushi.” Well Amanda, I hope you get that turtle!

The next person I interviewed was sophomore Nevaeh Trujillo who also said she would like to catch up on sleep as well. However, she plans to hang out with her family and spend time with her friends as well! For her Christmas gift this year she said, “I want an Australian Shepherd because they’re the cutest!” Let’s hope if she gets the puppy he/she doesn’t chew on your other gifts!

Moving onto the upper class men for the juniors I interviewed Fransico Lantis who said, “My plans over break are to go to Denver for the holidays to see my family.” For Christmas this year he wants a new car, so that way he can drive up to Denver and go other places whenever he would like too!

Last but certainly not least for the students, the senior I interviewed was Nico Cristelli. When I asked what he planned to do over break he said, “I want to go to a ton of Christmas parties over break and if anyone is having one I better be invited!” Do not eat too many cookies or you might end up looking like Santa! This Christmas Nico wants shoes, but not just any shoes, he wants the “Off-White Nike Low Dunks” they are a flashy shoe and he could definitely pull them off!

We have a special interview as well from one of the teachers let’s see if you can guess who by what they are doing for break and what they want for Christmas. For the break this teacher plans to work at the bakery where she plans on making 100 dozen cookies, hang out with her friends and family, and of course go shopping on January 1st for those deals at Dillards! The gift this teacher wants for Christmas is something different from most of the others and that gift is car mats. As you get older the gifts you want really do change! The teacher I interviewed was our very own Ms. Passalaqua!

Have a good rest of your week Eagles and an even better break! Don’t forget to stay warm and stay safe!