An Unknown Treasure, the Golden Feather


Golden Feather Staff 2018-19.

Jayce Garcia


The Golden Feather is a student-ran restaurant, located in East High school, headed by Ms. Passalaqua. Her ProStart students make and serve food, at industry level, for the teachers and staff at East. The Golden Feather is the only student-ran restaurant in all of D60. The restaurant is open almost every Wednesday during all lunches. The menus for the Golden Feather are also created by the students and changes monthly.

The students that make the food are all a part of Ms. Pass’ ProStart class. ProStart is a nationwide high school program that teaches students various skills from culinary techniques to management skills. It is industry-driven curriculum providing her students with real-life experiences and skills that last forever. All of Ms. Pass’ students are trained to provide teachers with a well-dining experience.

The Golden Feather is open almost every Wednesday every month, but closed in December because they are busy catering so many events. It is open to teachers and staff from 11:44 a.m. to 1:16 p.m., during all lunches and in between. Teachers can choose from either dine-in or carry out. If the restaurant is closed or is carryout only teachers will be notified by Ms. Pass.

The Golden Feather allows students of East to experience what it is like to run a restaurant whether it is back of the house, making the food, or front of the house, serving, waiting, and hosting. It gives students who want to learn culinary skills the opportunity to pursue it so that they can use them later in life, whether it be industry-level or personal.