A Decade of Music Gone Again

A Decade of Music Gone Again

Jayce Garcia


The decade is coming to an end, which means ten years of music is coming to an end. The top genres of the decade were R&B, pop, and rock. There have been many artists who defined this decade whether they have been around for a long time and shined this decade or artists who have come to the surface in the last few years. Over the last ten years we have also sadly lost some great artists.

There are so many different genres today from all over the world. From k-pop in southern Asia to soul in eastern United States, but the top genres for the 2010’s are R&B, pop, and rock. There are roughly 21% R&B listeners, 20% pop listeners, and 14% rock listeners.

Over the last ten years there have been so many different outstanding artists, but there have been some who have stood out most this past decade. Some of the artists at the top of the decade include Drake, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé.

The world has also lost many artists. Some of the most notable lost include Prince (2016), Amy Winehouse (2011), and Tom Petty (2017). Sadly there has been thousands of more lives that have been lost this past decade.

The 2010s has been a great year for music. The world has experienced many great musicians and music. This decade of music has formed another slot in the history of music that we will never forget.