Sweltering Bush Fires Across Australia

Marisa Maldonado

Since September of last year, fires have been blazing across Australia killing and injuring thousands of animals along with their homes. Images surfaced on social media showing terrified animals running for their lives, and there have been many questions as to whether these animals will eventually go extinct or not. As of 2020, Australian bush fires have killed 800 million animals, and destroyed over 25,000 buildings! Even more unfortunate, 25 people have been pronounced dead. Government officials estimate that about 30% of region species may have died and about 8,000 koalas and counting, may have died in the fires. This is a complete apocalyptic nightmare and some say it does indeed threaten to wipe out an entire species of animals. Already on the endangered list is the Corroboree Frog, the Mountain Pygmy Possum, and the Glossy Black Cockatoo, all due to the fire! Over the years 34 species and subspecies of native mammals have become extinct, it is not an unusual thing. It is unusual however, that a whole species is at risk due to changes in climate caused by difficult charring fires. Australia is in desperate need of help and prayers, otherwise a whole country is bound to go extinct.