BRRR…It’s Cold in Here!

School Temperatures

Alyssa Franklin and Jada Sisneros

Since the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, classroom temperatures have been a problem. At first the classrooms were too hot, causing many complaints and even students being called out of school for the outrageous temperatures. Then as the year went on, seasons changed, and now the temperatures are too cold. For instance, in Ms. Passalaqua’s room the temperatures have been at an extreme all year. In the beginning of the year it was in the lower 90s and now she says it has been ranging from 52 to 60 degrees. Her classroom is a perfect example of how it is either too hot or too cold. With complaints from both her and many of her students she got the District maintenance to come take a look. He apparently set the thermostat to 72 degrees, but it still feels like all the windows in her classroom are open letting in the frigid January air. As a teacher Ms. Passalaqua spends most of her time in her classroom, so to stay warm she dresses in layers as well as turning her ovens on in the kitchen. Although her classroom has seen the worst of these problems, there are many other rooms in the school with similar issues.