Season 2 of E-Sports Begins!

Ethan Egley

E-Sports enters its second season after a successful first season, starting a strong season last semester having entering 2nd in the state. East students have ended the season within the top 40 within the competition. Madame Garcia, the coach of the E-Sports team was asked a few questions.

“What are your plans for expanding recruitment options?”

“We want to use more posters, we have currently 30 posters up thanks to the help of PlayVS who gave us the designs to use though I have had people come in confused because of the message given.”

“What was the message?”

“People have been coming up to me talking about driver’s ed because some of the posters don’t really show that it is about E-Sports but is focused on driver’s ed,” Garcia stated, “However, we are wanting to create new posters like the one we set up last semester by the stairs hopefully we can get more people that way.”

“Are you planning on hosting a booth for the 8th grade night?”


“How do you feel about the state of E-Sports in Pueblo?”

“Currently, I feel like it is growing as I know a few teachers in other schools are interested and CSU-P is getting their team running.” 

“When do we expect the new season to start?”

“We are going to have a meeting on the 21st of January to discuss this in the French room.”

“Have you had any troubles with the program?”

“We still do not have an account for money and funds so we cannot fund-raise for the materials needed to do a lot of things. We also continue to have problems with IT as every time we get updates the computer breaks the software.”

E-Sports seems to be a growing trend among schools as interest and the modern era enters our facilities. However, it appears to be struggling against older schools as they lack the infrastructure to support the endeavor.