“In the Heights” Musical

Quiana Gonzales

In the Heights is a great musical that will really win you over. If you enjoy a variety of Latin music, or just music in general, then this is definitely the right thing for you. The musical is about 3 days in the characters’ lives, in a Latino neighborhood in Washington Heights. It features a little bit of Hip-hop, Merengue, Salsa and Soul music. The main character, Usnavi, is the owner of a bodega, he is dating a girl named Vanessa who works in a beauty salon. He has a dream of opening a bar in his home country which is the Dominican Republic. Usnavi’s Abuela Claudia who raised him after the death of his parents, wins $96,000 in a numbers game. It is a very upbeat and optimistic musical about the Hispanic community of Manhattan’s Washington Heights. The Musical will be held on April 24th-26th, hope to see all of you there!