My Life During Quarantine

Quarantine has been a very emotional bumpy road. Due to COVID-19 spreading rapidly throughout the U.S. it has forced us students to stay home. Taking away our last moments with our senior friends and our senior’s last experience of high school. The chances of supporting our spring athletic activities and other extra activities, is most likely gone. Girls cannot pick out the perfect dress for prom, just to spend the night dancing with their friends enjoying one of the best nights high school will offer you. Our seniors might even get the chance to finally walk across that stage to celebrate the 13 years of hard work they put in, and start their new adult lives. This experience has shown students the importance of school and how an actual teacher in front of you is more engaging and helpful than sitting behind a screen. Even how we enjoy going to school to see our peers, participate in activities, and support our peers in sports. We’re all hoping this passes quickly so we can finally go back to our normal lives.


Being at home with not much to do can get boring, for the first week or so you can finally relax from your non-stop life, sit in bed and binge watch some really good shows and movies. Which is what I did, but I soon got to miss the things I used to do. So I changed my routine, I got up early, made breakfast, and decided to be nice and even make some for my brother that was still sleeping. We’re going to be stuck in the same house for a while, and have to get along so that was my start to being nice. But soon realized that most boys are like my brother and are gonna be glued down to a chair to play video games, they do not get tired of it and can sit there for hours. So I probably won’t see much of him. But soon the days started to fly by when I got so bored that I started to take multiple naps in a day, so getting up early was a waste. And now my routine consists of going to bed at 3-4 a.m. and waking up at 1-2 p.m. But sitting there not doing anything got boring again, so I finally decided to bake. I’ve always loved to bake and now I have the time. I finally used those bananas in the freezer that I put away so I can make banana bread one day. And during the process of making it I also made a cake just in case the bread didn’t turn out good. But they both came out great! So we’re gonna be eating a lot of banana bread and sweets while I’m stuck in the house! But all the fun is now over because I have the priority of online school, which I am not a fan of, I cannot wait to get back and see my teachers! By the time I wake up it’s time to get school work done, then after I shower, do any chores around the house that need to be done, relax, and eat dinner. Then binge watch any TV shows or movies I want on Netflix. One of the best things about my brother is that he works fast food and spends most of his nights at work and usually closes so I always hope he ends up bringing home some mozzarella sticks or even ice cream. Always makes my night!